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Story Telling Activity FunBox

Story Telling Activity FunBox

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Create the interest of story reading and increase the imagination of kids by recreating stories. Our story telling activity box is full of interactive games, art and craft worksheets so kids enjoy their classic stories.

Activities  :
⭐️ Story reading
⭐️ Stone sticker character making 
⭐️ Recreate story with story map/sequence cards
⭐️ story coloring worksheets
⭐️Stick puppet making and activity worksheets
⭐️ Word search of  tricky story words/tracing of difficult words

The contents are:

⭐️ 12 Marker color x1 pack
⭐️ Ice-cream stick pack  x 1
⭐️ UHU x 1
⭐️ Story coloring work sheets x 10
⭐️ Stones x 5
⭐️ Story character stickers
⭐️ Scissor x 1
⭐️Story booklet x 1 
⭐️ Activity worksheets x 5 

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