Classic Treats Box

Classic Treats Box

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The Classic Treats Box Includes:

100 gms Mix Gummy Sugar Candy (Imported)

1 x Pop Nosh Caramel Crunch (29 gms) or Similar

2 x Suabee Lollipops or Similar (Imported)

1 x Spout (23.8 gms)

5 x Cocomo (9 gms/each)

5 x Chili Mili Packets (7.5 gms/each)

5 x Assorted Jelly Packets (7.0 gms/each)

2 x Yums Packets (25 gms/each)

2 x Twister Marshmallows 

1 x Magic Pops (5.5 gms)

2 x Oreo Mini (29 gms/each)

1 x Kur Kure (38 gms) or Similar snack

1 x Slanty (23 gms) or Similar snack

Candies Pack:

10 x Fanty or similar

5 x Churan Chatni

10 x Dewy Chewy 

10 x Cadbury Eclairs

5 x Fruit Bon Bons

5 x Kraving Fruit Drops or Similar (Imported)

5 x Kraving Milk Exclairs or Similar (Imported)


* The above details are intended as a guide, individual items may slightly vary from time to time and without prior notice depending upon the availability of the product(s) while keeping the product(s) value intact.