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Coloring FunBox

Coloring FunBox

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Coloring is a  fantastic activity  for  kids !! More than 55 + Coloring worksheets  are added in our Coloring Funbox with so many different mediums  and ways of Coloring tools.

Therer are so many  benefits  of  Coloring for all age groups 

  • Improved motor skills
  • Stimulation of creativity
  • Better eye-hand coordination
  • “Boundaries, structure and spatial awareness”
  • Improve handwriting
  • Confidence boost
  • Relaxation and patience practice

Our coloring box excites kids with 13 different ways of  Coloring Fun !!

Activities  :
⭐️ Coloring  with pencil and markers  
⭐️ Color mixing to make  new colors and paint in printed scholar sheet drawings 
⭐️ Step by  step how  to draw different animals  and objects 
⭐️ Coloring with texture technique (stickers,pompoms,pipecleaners,felt paper)
⭐️ Add  style to coloring  (dots,zigzag,lines etc )
⭐️ Street art coloring  (collage  coloring ...cut  and paste )
⭐️ Instructional handouts to make you understand each and every activity easily.
Stationary may vary according to age 
The contents are:
⭐️ 12 Marker color pack
⭐️ Pencil colors pack
⭐️ Basic Poster paint colors x 6
⭐️ Paint brushes x 1
⭐️ Printed Scholar sheets  x 2
⭐️ Street art coloring sheets x 2
⭐️ Step by step drawing   handout x 10
⭐️Small UHU x 1 
⭐️ Pompoms x 1 pack
⭐️ Foaming sheet pieces x 5
⭐️ Coloring worksheets Basic  x 20
⭐️ Textured Coloring worksheets x 10
⭐️ Different medium  coloring  worksheets x 10


what are you waiting for Let the fun begin! Best gift in this  summer 

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