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Multi Crafts Funbox

Multi Crafts Funbox

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Unlock boundless creativity and ignite your child's imagination with our all-in-one Multi Crafts Funbox .With activities of this box, your child will embark on an exciting journey through various artistic endeavors, including origami, foaming clay mini garden making, stone painting, and ice cream sticks wall hanging crafting .

Through these activities, kids also enhance their cognitive abilities, boost confidence, and learn the value of perseverance and experimentation. They develop crucial skills like critical thinking, adaptability, and collaboration, setting them on a path towards success in an ever-evolving world.

This is  perfect choice for kids of all age groups.


⭐️ Stone painting 

⭐️ Mini fairy garden making with foaming clay 

⭐️ Origami flower decoration 

⭐️ Ice-Cream sticks wall hanging 

⭐️ Paper Craft for wall hanging

⭐️ 3D card making 


⭐️Stones x 3

⭐️Wooden round piece  x 1

⭐️Paints x 6

⭐️ Origami Paper x 5 

⭐️Wooden brush x  2 

⭐️Marker colors x 10

⭐️ Foaming Clay  x 4 

⭐️ Cartoon eyes x 4

⭐️ Cotton buds x 5 

⭐️ Ice-Cream stick pack x 1 

⭐️ velvet wire x 4 

⭐️ Pom-pom x 1 pack

⭐️ Card paper x 1 

⭐️ Colored papers A4 x 10 

⭐️ Sea shells x 1 pack 

⭐️ Small pebbles x 1 pack 

⭐️ Glitter x 1 pack

⭐️ Small pebble pack x 1 

⭐️Step by step painting ideas handouts x 3

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