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Multi Arts Funbox

Multi Arts Funbox

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Step into the future of creativity with our innovative Multi Arts Funbox .With these futuristic art tools, children are not just painting Canvases , pots , fridge magnets  but they're shaping their futures through creativity, innovation, and endless possibilities. Blending colors and experimenting with different techniques, fostering not only artistic skills but also critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. This is  perfect choice for kids of all age groups.


⭐️ Boho art Canvas Painting 

⭐️ Picasso and cubism collage Canvas painting 

⭐️ Paint ceramic Fridge magnets 

⭐️ Clay plate painting for decoration display

⭐️ Clay pot painting for indoor plant pot 

⭐️ Traditional Matka style painting 


⭐️Clay pots x 3

⭐️Wooden Easel (Small) x 1

⭐️Paints x 12

⭐️ Ceramic Fridge magnets x 4 

⭐️Wooden brush x  2 

⭐️Outline Black marker x 1 

⭐️ Canvas x 2 

⭐️ Palette x 1 

⭐️ Cotton buds x 5 

⭐️ Glitter x 1 pack

⭐️ Small pebble pack x 1 

⭐️Step by step painting ideas handouts x 3

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