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Ramadan Full-Month Activity Pack (6-12 Years) | 2024

Ramadan Full-Month Activity Pack (6-12 Years) | 2024

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This is a FunBox Exclusive Product and is available in limited quantity only for the month of Ramadan. 

Our Ramadan Activities pack is a limited edition box that is full of activities and revolves around the essence of the teachings of the Holy month of Ramadan which keeps them engaged throughout the month. With the help of crafts and decorations, kids can also make their corner for prayer. Sadqah box activity is specially given to teach kids the concept of sharing and kids can add small things to it and give to needy people. The Activities include:

Ramadan Teachings:

  • Ramadan Booklet (Activities, Knowledge & Teachings) 
  • Ramadan Daily Activity Tracking Calendar
  • Ramadan Vocabulary

Ramadan Crafts:

Make your own Tasbeeh

Fridge Magnets for Painting

Ramadan Card Making

Mosque collage activity

⭐Lantern-making activity

Ramadan Mubarak Bounty

2 x Sadqa giving and gift box making

⭐Ramadan Menu card activity 


Ramadan Activities:

  • Ramadan Coloring worksheets
  • 30 x Acts of Kindness card to cut and paste on calendar template 
  • 15 x Ramadan Activity Worksheets
  • Ramadan Word Search

Stationery Contents:

  • 1 x Glue tube
  • 1 x Marker colors pack
  • 1 x Color pencil pack
  • 10 x A4 Color papers
  • 2 x Printed Card Paper Sheets To Make  Boxes
  • 1 x Jute String string
  • 1 x Pack of beads 
  • 1 x 20  ft. Long LED light string
  • 1 x  Printed Ramadan Mubarak cards.
  • 1 x Washy tape
  • 2 x Plaster of Paris fridge magnets
  • 3 x paints
  • 1 x brush
  • 1  x glass ( candle making activity) 
  • 1  x  candle wick 
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