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Urdu Learning Journal

Urdu Learning Journal

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Spark a love for Urdu with our Interactive Urdu Learning Journal!

Is your child ready to embark on an exciting adventure in the world of Urdu?

Or You are want to improve the command on Urdu language of your child?

Our thoughtfully designed journal is the perfect companion for young learners, making Urdu language acquisition a fun and interactive experience.

Designed for Beginners:

  • Suitable for children from play group to¬† Grade 2, or even older kids who are still unable to understand the basics of Urdu language.

Learning Through Play:

  • Engaging activities and worksheets keep children excited to learn.
  • Vibrant illustrations and interactive worksheets make Urdu become alive!
  • Guess the first sound ,Match haroof with their ashkaal , colour the object that starts with this particular harf and much more interactive ways to engage kids .

Contents of Journal :

  • Learn Urdu alphabets with clear pronunciation and tracing exercises.
  • Haroof-e-Tahaji , Alfaz sazi and jumla sazi¬†¬†
  • Trace Urdu letter and their small letter form as well.
  • Build vocabulary with fun matching games and puzzles.
  • Craft simple sentences with picture prompts and sentence building activities.
  • All basic vocabulary words practice like¬†
  • Names of Days
  • Names of fruits and vegetable in Urdu¬†
  • Names of Animals and Plants¬†
  • Basic Urdu grammar¬†
  • More than 120 pages of practice and learning¬†

Activities :

      1) Cut and Paste Urdu Alphabet with their objects 

       2)  Word Search games 

       3) Urdu Alphabet Tracing with colorful rice in tray 

       4) Stick the names of fruits and vegetables

       5) Make your objects with Playdoh 

       6) 20 Picture cards to play Tasveer sazi 

More Than Just a Practice Journal :

  • Promotes cultural awareness and connection to Pakistani heritage.
  • Perfect for both independent learning and parent-child interaction.
  • Helps children struggling with Urdu grasp the fundamentals in a supportive way.

Give your child the gift of language with our Interactive Urdu Learning Journal!

This captivating and comprehensive resource will equip your child with the building blocks of Urdu fluency, all while fostering a love for the language and its rich culture.

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